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Asphault Green


Asphalt Green is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting individuals of all ages and backgrounds achieve health through a lifetime of sports and fitness.

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Address: 555 East 90th Street, New York, NY 10128

Telephone: 212.369.8890


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Type: Sports

Tag words: sport facility, gym, fitness, healthy, lessons


Sports Offered:

Description: Swimming, Diving, Gymnastics, Soccer, Baseball. Flag Football, Martial Arts, Day Camps

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Special need Swim Lessons:

Description: Kids with disabilities can gain tremendous confidence by spending time in the water practicing stroke movement patterns and exercises. This class emphasizes floating, kicking, use of arms and submersion. A caregiver must accompany the child in water. All children who have not reached their fifth birthday by the first class must wear rubber pants. For interview/placement, please call 212.369.8890. ext. 246

Fees for services: $270 for 9 lessons

Ages of students:


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