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Play 4 Life Inc.


Play 4 Life Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to transforming the lifestyles of America’s youth through health and fitness awareness. We organize nutrition, education and physical fitness programs to instill the values of integrity, discipline, work ethic, responsibility and self-empowerment for school kids. With the lack of funding in schools and the proliferation of video games and fast food, kids are becoming increasingly unhealthy and inactive. Our programs will advance today’s youth to realize their goals and dreams by understanding that a healthy body can produce and sustain a healthy mind.

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Address: 99 John St #423, New York, NY


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Type: Sports, Other

Target audience: Students, Parents, Teachers

Number of employees: 1-5

Year founded: 2006

Tag words: health, fitness, cooking programs, nutrition programs, yoga, martial arts, sports


Play 4 Life

Description: Cooking Programs,
Nutrition Programs,
Soul Sports (yoga, martial arts, and other non-competitive sports)

Fees for services:

Ages of students:

Schools/sites: Validus, MS 322, Abbott House

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