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FREE Leveled Library

Posted by sfrancisco

May 08, 2009, 8:37 pm

by Steven Francisco, Innovation Teaching


With standardized testing nearing completion, the school year drawing to a close, and your students used to your routines and values, now is the time to prepare your library for the next school year while motivating summer reading: it's time to inventory and level your class library. It's also the perfect time to use a free tool designed to make the entire process easier than ever. LeveledLibrary.com.


Leveled Library allows teachers to inventory and level their class libraries as easily as searching Google. Simply type the title, author, ISBN number, or any combination and click search. If your book has been leveled you'll see the suggested reading level right in the search results. Once added, Leveled Library will suggest thematic categories for grouping your books and allow you to print labels in 3 popular sizes. Select the books, pick the label size – Leveled Library even tells you how many sheets to load in the printer – print and affix the labels. It couldn't get any easier.


How does Leveled Library get book levels? From teachers like you. At its heart Leveled Library is a community project: as you encounter a book that is not leveled, we ask that you vote on a level for the book. Behind the scenes, the website takes into account all votes to reach a consensus. No more leveling the same book that dozens of teachers across the country may have already leveled.


My favorite feature, however, is the ability to search for books amongst colleagues at your school. Perfect for those times when you need a book for a lesson, and want to avoid that late night run to Borders or the frantic checking of every classroom in your school.


This summer do some lesson planning based on the books and themes that are actually in your library. Collaborate with colleagues to put together group sets and author studies. All with just a few simple searches. LeveledLibrary.com is just two weeks old, yet already has over 2,500 books leveled. Don't just use it, get all your colleagues to use it too!