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Go Green! with Science...

February 26, 2009, 5:25 pm

Teachers - green is the new black these days! Teach your students the value of a green environment through experiments or fun field trips. NYC has a number of great programs teaching NYC citizens how to go green.


>> Visit the Science Barge in Yonkers to learn about renewable energy, Hudson River ecology, reverse osmosis purification systems, pollination, integrative pest management, plant life cycles, hydroponics, greenhouse climate controls, aquaponics, vermiculture composting, oyster gardening, and constructed wetlands: http://nysunworks.org/?page_id=17


>> Bring the community into your classroom with the Center for Urban Pedagogy's curriculum ideas: http://www.anothercupdevelopment.org/services#Education


>> Check out the GreenInnovator for a unique interactive green curriculum and education program for high school students and teachers: http://www.greeninnovator.org/


>> Reach out to Solar One for some unique ideas on how to integrate various green concepts into your teaching. Solar One offers innovative programming to K-12 students throughout all 5 boroughs of New York City: http://solar1.org/education/